Why Did You Choose to be a Creative?

Is it something you feel you’d like to be, want to be? Or is it something that you KNOW you are and you’ve gotta BE and DO?!?

If so, read on!

Artists, musicians, singers, dancers, writers… They are all a special kinda breed. It’s a scientific fact that creative people see things from an entirely different perspective and even have unique, brain stimuli responses!

But the fact still remains that it is no bed of roses or an easy road to live and breathe, freely as an artist and get your money straight. To put it simply, it’s a challenge to make a living at it – REAL TALK!

But if you are still on your artistic journey, maintaining that artistic grind… Then, I salute you!

But let’s be realistic here – It’s hard to thrive as an artist, without the proper guidance and support one needs to grow and advance.

So, before that cloud of discouragement begins to hover over your head, filling your thoughts with doubt and disbelief, reach out!

Connect with someone who has decades of experience, an immense body of work and has been through the struggles that you can learn to identify and avoid.

That someone is me. I’m Lord Toph – Artist, author, composer, producer, designer and licensed broker. I am also the founder of the fine art style, empathicism. With this being said, I’m eager to work with you one on one, intensively!

As your creative mentor, I will help you gain the creative clarity you need and learn how to channel even your negative energies, into a positive force. And before long, you will be able to call on this hidden power, confidently on command!

What Will We Tackle?

Good question! There are generally 4 main factors that disrupt, damage and can eventually become fatal to the creative mind. They’re like huge, invisible walls that enclose and suffocate creative flow.

When I begin my sessions with you, I will immediately begin diving in to my 5-step process to rid you of these walls. And together, we will identify these “walls” and tear them down for your creative growth to expand.

Then we can move on to the positive aspects of creativity, in order for you to fine-tune your near future goals. Topics of your creative journey may range from

Creative Blocks

Creative Inspiration

Creative Development & Interaction

Creative Industry Aspects


Presentation & Branding

Keep This in Mind…

There is no coincidence in why some of the most beautiful and famous creative works known to mankind, were created by individuals who endured extremely unpleasant and unfortunate experiences and circumstances, throughout their lives.

Yet there is one unspoken secret they all understood and knew how to channel, through their work.  This secret not only increased their creative drive and output.  It also enabled them to create some of the best-known masterpieces of art, music and literature throughout our history.

You and I will tap into this “underground stream” and get your creative flow going in sync with its current. Ready to get started? Great!

I’ve created session packages flexible and affordable to fit the needs of creatives, whether on a fixed budget or a hectic schedule.

No more hindering your creative growth.

Choose Your Session Package Here!

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Check out what people are saying about the care and expertise you will receive!

Listen to Steffi speak about Lord Toph as a mentor and his work

“When we actually achieve something, it doesn’t have to be so big. But it really matters!”

Steffyani is a pianist and teacher, residing in Jakarta, Indonesia

“I am so impressed with Lord Toph’s books, paintings, poetry and philosophy. And I am inspired to discover it all over again. How can one human being create all this? He has indeed the greatness and charisma of an “old master” reincarnated in our modern world. Like one bringing his talents, old skills and his sense of beauty and combining it with the most delicate empathy, that every sensitive human could dream about.”

Iris Maag – Artist & Cafe Owner – Geneva, Switzerland

“I have known Lord Toph for some time and observed his incredible gifts in the arts including: music, art and as an author. I am constantly, pleasantly surprised and inspired by LT’s ability to produce and create, incredibly fresh art work, in a variety of mediums and in consistent, turnaround times of production!

As an artistic mentor, he is an elite level painter and artist. All people that are involved with LT in any artistic regard, will benefit immensely his painting, interior design expertise, art collection and placement knowledge. There is much to experience and learn from him as an author of many, published books, currently available online and from his music creation and giftedness!

Lachlan Inglis – App Developer/Entrepreneur – Melbourne, Australia

“I am very proud to endorse Lord Toph. In the numerous years that I have known him, I have witnessed him develop the creative talents of people of all race, academic and social backgrounds. This is something that cannot be taught but something a person is born with. Anyone who crosses his path, would benefit greatly from his lifetime of experiences.”

Angela Dokes-Ellis – AR School Board, Liason Manager – Little Rock Arkansas

“I am delighted to extend my endorsement of Lord Toph. His creativity knows no bounds. From his paintings and drawings to his songwriting and singing, his diversity of talent is endless. Lord Toph has a strong awareness of himself and others. His calm and patient demeanor is encouraging to anyone who is striving to create their own dreams.”

Tracie Blake – Office Manager

– Benton, Arkansas

“Lord Toph is my ‘go-to’ person when I need information on the arts as he has a huge repository of irrepressible knowledge and talent in this field. I am totally confident one can benefit from his diverse skills as he is the most experienced and multifaceted individual as an artist with charismatic charm and wit I have come across. And that is saying a lot as I have traveled the world and have yet to meet anyone like him. It behooves you to make him your mentor as one can learn much from him.”

Mario Sacripante – Proofreader/Copy Editor New York, New York


I’m a whole new me, with a totally different mindset!! Life’s many challenges found their way to my door and, although unwelcomed, let themselves in. I was immediately tossed into an OZ of my very own and could not figure things out nor find my way home. Yet a whirlwind of blessings came about when I was shown a yellow brick road that led me to a gentleman, by the name of Lord Toph. His mentorship program involves incredible amounts of knowledge and immeasurable talents that one can hardly imagine a single person could ever behold.

I recommend any and every one, no matter what their background is nor what their status may be, to indulge into the wonders of Lord Toph, because he is so amazingly multifaceted. His intelligence, uniqueness and creativity are only outweighed by the passion and desire within his heart and soul to fulfil his God-given purpose. Believe me, that part of his purpose is: to help YOU, find and connect with the purpose within yourselves. If you are in need of an excellent source to bridge the gap between your Egypt and your Canaan, Lord Toph is and undoubtably, the professional and mental architect that you must have on your team!! Consult the services of, Lord Toph, whether you need to build yourself up from scratch or reconstruct anything damaging that life may have caused along the way. After one encounter, you’ll realize that he is not your average Joe; he is quite a scholar. He, along with his expertise, is the DNA of a ‘TOTAL MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE’!!”

Mytra Grant aka “Stuck On Tell” – Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist – Galveston, Texas

“I am enthused to have the opportunity to write this letter of endorsement for my dear friend, Lord Toph. In knowing him for numerous years, I have had the pleasure of watching him hone his artistic ability’s. His talents range from, but not limited to, an author and publisher of books , talented painter and all aspects of music (writing, performing and producing). His mind for business and all of its aspects, have made him even more prosperous in all his endeavors. I have no doubt that someone would surely benefit from his wide range of skills and experience.”

Denise Mahurin – Administrative Assistant – Little Rock, Arkansas

Lord Toph is the only one person and friend who I know, as a musician, composer, writer, painter and one of the most interesting persons on earth. Frankly, I’m totally honored to know him and be his friend. I swear without any hyperbole, that he is the most talented person I know and this is my exact and short description about him.”

Levan Kitsmarishvilli – Master Trumpet Player & Principal Horn Player for the Tbilisi state Opera – Tbilisi, Georgia & New York, New York 

Lord Toph is a multi-talented artist from New York. He works as a musician, producer, painter, author, illustrator, designer and consultant in various projects. Worth mentioning are his children’s books under the StarField Stories label, his Monté CrisToph label and his special commitment to supporting other artists with all his creative ideas as a mentor. Lord Toph combines art, music and literature into one, big whole. Because of his many years of experience, training, his thirst for knowledge and the gift of acquiring knowledge and skills autodidactically; absolute diversity is his greatest strength as well as the ability to pass it on.

Specialist Nurse for Intensive Care & Anesthesia – Berlin, Germany

“As an artist, I spoke and thought highly of my music/myself. It was perfect (to me). But when I met Lord Toph, I was enlightened in a great way. With him being very creative, artistic and a musician, this allows him to move in a way that is beneficial to the circumstance or project at hand. So, working with him, I instantly became eager to learn. He is always very informative and to the point. I think what I enjoy most, is if I have a particular idea in mind, he’s always willing to listen, to try it and to see if it works or if it doesn’t. He strives for excellence and is very patient which creates a wonderful atmosphere for a talent to thrive learn and become great.”

Ebony Anne Isaac, Singer/SongwriterLouisville, Kentucky

“Meeting Lord Toph ‘by chance’ in a Soho Starbucks in NYC, back in 2013, we kept contact over the years. We learned about and admire his all-round talent as an artist, painter, musician, poet… Seven years later a carefully packaged bundle arrived here in Germany and since then we are proud to have two original art pieces; purchased, of course. ‘Horse Race’ and ‘The Conversation’ are now in our living and dining room, giving shining colour and beauty back to us proud observers.

Matthias & Daniela Gukelberger/Collectors, Stuttgart, Germany

“In a time of short lived careers and daily new trends within the entertainment industry, the art of artist development feels like a faint memory of a time long gone. But not everyone follows trends and some rare individuals are better suited in setting them. One such individual is Lord Toph, who for decades now, has been relentless in his pursuit of creative freedom and expression.

His true passion and love for the arts, is what motivates him and his fine touch in identifying fresh, new talent. This is what sets him apart from the pack in this modern era. He is a creative director that walks the talk and new talent greatly benefits from his wealth of knowledge of the various aspects of the music industry. Here, at Monté CrisToph they can get skilled in the areas of songwriting, singing, production, live performance and even the business side of the things.

For anyone who is serious about becoming a true artist, rather than being the flavour of the day, Monté CrisToph is the place to be and Lord Toph, is the mentor you need. Here you will receive the support that can help you to develop a lasting career in an industry, that often lacks the patience and understanding of what an artist truly needs.”

Damen Samuel, Singer/Songwriter – Melbourne, Australia

“Lord Toph is a dying breed in the music industry. Gone are the days of deep, soul-felt music. Lord Toph provides a break from monotony, that is today’s new age music. His creative genius and soothing voice make his music truly enjoyable. If you are looking for creative beats mixed with a soothing sound, I strongly recommend giving his music a listen!”

Kenny Jordan – Director of Brand Engagement/New Cast Media Group, Fresno California

“I and my company, have had such a great experience working with Lord Toph for the last 5 months. As an agency and consulting firm for his literature and art in Asia market initial entry approach, I was privileged to enjoy his new books and his art. His writing often made me fall into the story and gave me a tough time getting out of it. I will be always an enthusiastic fan of his art, literature, music and himself.

Lord Toph is not only a talented artist, but also has such a great heart with a polite and delightful manner. It was such a great time working with him since we worked hard, but also have shared the moment of joy to build something together in business. As a businessman, as a friend, as a fan, I do wish people and the world could know and enjoy his great work as soon as possible!”

Joon Choi – CEO of “AOG Co., LTD. Ulsan, South Korea

“Lord Toph is a creative and developmental force and engine. There is no off switch for the amount of content Lord Toph develops. He has also worked on and developed a multitude of artists and projects throughout the years, including various projects we’ve worked on together. I encourage any artist seeking direction with their development to allow Lord Toph to work with you and set you on the path to becoming the better version of yourself that you seek.”

Ro The Reaper, Musician/Songwriter – Little Rock, Arkansas

Ahh… So, you’re the type that absolutely has to dip your foot in the pool a few times before diving in? Hey, I get it – And no worries. I won’t judge!

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