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Before there is even conception, there is inception ~ And the beautiful offspring of these two factors is fruition.


So many individuals see what artists do, as simply a luxury or an aesthetic medium created as a past time, to please or entertain. Yet they do not realize with real-eyes, just how essential we artists and our creations are and have been to civilization and the functionality of society.

Whether it be an educational or medical institution, an expedition or even an archeological dig, proper funding is the lifeblood to them all; art and creativity should be seen and supported in no lesser light, as it deserves palmary of its successes as well.

Ousa Chea
Courtesy of Museums Victoria

Having your support, even in the most modest way, will further enhance my artistic growth as well as my creative endeavors. I will be forever grateful for your contributing to my artistry and will be honored knowing that you are now a significant patron in shaping my history.

Thank you!

Chae Chaplin the Vampire

Help Us Give Life to… “Chae Chaplin the Vampire”!

$2,500 goal

I have created this campaign in efforts to raise funding, beyond what I, as an independent writer, am able to budget, to see this story garner its rightful degree of notice.
And just for you taking the time to read this, I would like to offer you the first chapter of “Chae Chaplin the Vampire,” absolutely free! Get it here 

As a novel about a vampire, there is so much more to this story than blood, fangs and fright. So much so, that while writing this tale, I found myself at times, being intrigued by Mr. Chap-lin Chae’s intriguingly curious way of life (so to speak).
How a worldwide pandemic, racial and social unrest as well as love, find way to intertwine, ebb and flow in the world of this nocturnal being; I truly feel, you will find it fascinating.   

First and foremost, my goal is to raise funding from this campaign to reach as many interested readers as possible. Yet in order to be able to do this efficiently, my aim is to promote this story to reputable publishers, promoters, agents and media outlets. These methods will create a positive momentum for the story and the proper blood flow for Mr. Chae Chaplin (pun intended).

Having your support will not only enable Mr. Chae Chaplin’s story to reach more readers… But who knows, perhaps it can assist in bringing his story beyond the pages, to Netflix or even the big screen one day. One has to think big, right?

Well right out of the gate, that is exactly what I intend to do with this story, as it embodies so much, that many interested readers (and viewers) would love to read and watch.

For those who feed the need!
“Chae Chaplin the Vampire” is currently being released in serial form, as each chapter represents a different episode. But as a gift, I wish to offer all contributors to this story, each chapter/episode as a gift in return for their support.

And with your contribution, there is so much life ahead for “Chae Chaplin the Vampire.” And having your support, Mr. Chae Chaplin as well as I, would be forever grateful!  

What our first readers are already saying about Chae Chaplin the Vampire

Mysteriously Intriguing!

* Intended for mature readers only.

Support StarField Stories

Help Keep Our Characters Alive & Thriving!

$5,000 goal

Writing books for children has always been a passion of mine! Knowing how important color, laughter, melody and imagination is for children’s growth and well-being, is precisely why I created StarField Stories. 

StarField Stories is home to several characters I created over the years; from Fuzzy McKenzie, to Marvin in the Kooky Spooky House, to Crusty Bigglebones, to Lou Says Who Says… Oh the list goes on! (see them in the video below) 
Being able to provide happiness to children during their early stages of education, has become an integral part of my life’s mission and keeping StarField Stories alive and thriving is exactly what I intend to do for this very reason. 
With your endearing contribution, I will be able to tackle the immediate necessities essential in further enhancing StarField Stories growth.

My immediate mission, to raise funds for ~ Camera equipment (Camera, lens, tripod & light set), a part-time technical assistant (something I really need! someone knowledgeable of video editing and animation) and budget for advertising and promotion to properly position StarField Stories books on major platforms and media outlets.
In exchange for your contribution, I would be happy to send you a free eBook, audiobook or music from one of the many characters’ tales! Just let me know what interests you and I will do my best to provide.   

There are still, quite so many characters that have not been revealed yet and so many books I’ve yet to publish! But for now, I am very excited to be able to share with the world the many characters I have created for StarField Stories and I will be especially proud to be able to share them with you and your adored little ones as well!
Hugs to you from the characters of StarField Stories and thank you kindly for your support!


Support Monté CrisToph Creative Projects

Support our new concepts & Releases!   

$5,000 goal

For years and years I have been working at my trade as a creative and so have the talented individuals who represent my multimedia hub, Monté CrisToph .
As black man pursuing his ambitions in the everyday life of America, I admit… Things have not always been easy, especially with so many discriminating adversities to face — so much has failed to come into fruition. Despite it all, I persevere.
Yet these times present far more of a challenge than I or any of my fellow artists have ever had to face.
In the middle of a pandemic, race riots, protests and so much social unrest… The very thing that is keeping my body going and my spirit alive, is what I do best and that is to create in order to share with others to inspire change and positivity. 
Without this, I would feel soulless. But, I know my purpose for being here and that is to continue to create to inspire others.  
So, I ask those who are aware (and those who are being made aware) of the magnitude of struggles people of color like me, have to face… I ask that you contribute to our campaign.
We want to continue with what it is that we do to help diminish the prejudice and stereotypes that many individuals inflict upon people of color from day to day.
Your contribution will be the blessing given to help us make a better change. 
Forever Grateful!


About the Song & Video
This visual/video collage consists of short clips of all the riveting soon-to-be historic moments of unrest our world is unfortunately facing at this time.
This video collage, is to further illustrate the message behind the great, soul singer, Marvin Gaye’s classic song, “What’s Going On” (1970)
“What’s Going On” (written by Marvin Gaye, Renaldo “Obie” Benson & Al Cleveland) was a world “wake-up call” to acknowledge the lives lost in the Vietnam War, Police Brutality, Social Injustice & Racial Inequality. Ironically, this is much of what we are dealing with today in 2020.
As any reaction video or repost, this visual collage was created merely to expand the reach (even in the smallest way) of what broadcasts have essentially shared with the world in order to enlighten and inform.

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Lord Toph & the Monté CrisToph creative artists