Creative Session (single)


This single session may be the very thing you need to get you realigned with your ambitions. Or it may be what makes you want to schedule future sessions to dive deeper into resolving any artistic setbacks you may be experiencing. We will be sure to address your pain points, so you can progress pass them!

These creative services are tailored especially to fit the needs of artistic individuals.  No two people are alike — And our moods change by the day. So, each and every session is custom-created to be optimally benificial with this in mind.   

Let’s tap into the underground stream of creativity and get your creative flow going! 

  • Time range for this session – 1hr. to 1.5hrs.
  • Sessions conducted by video (Zoom) or phone
  • Ideal booking time – 72hrs. in advance
  • Note: A 25% charge for all cancellations made within the 24hr. period of appointment 


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