Prose for the Unrequited


Prose for the Unrequited (Poetry/Romance)

So often in life, we find ourselves longing for beauty, companionship, passion and of course, love. These facets of human nature’s needs are not always easy to obtain. Depression and insecurities such as self-doubt can occur with anyone; even with the counselors, gurus and motivational speakers who seem to always have the answers to fulfill someone else’s needs. Yet they too at times fall from the grace of ardor and good favor and may take temporary shelter behind the perception of themselves they want others to see. But for years what has rung true for so many is the emotional “rise from rock bottom,” which so many can relate to. Whether they have done it themselves, are still in the process of doing so or have finally and firmly decided that it’s something they want to do. This is where the honesty dwells in having a wonderful relationship or hoping for someone to have one with. “Prose for the Unrequited” was inspired by the beauty which lies in being without someone, the involuntary abstinence, if you will.


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