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Hello all! Firstly, I’d like to thank you for visiting This site is the newest edition to other sites related to my art, music and literature. However, this site in particular, has been created to offer visitors a bit more insight on me, the man behind the brands, Monté CrisToph, StarField Stories, Riggo Monti and Lord Toph Art. Just so you know, I have now incorporated affiliate products and services into the mix, to give all of my visitors even more terrific things to peruse and choose from. These offers, I do believe are great, among their specific categories. I have purchased a few myself and have added a handful of the others to my personal cart. I would not present products that I do not feel would benefit an individual in some way, as I want to make this perfectly clear. Your purchasing any offer among the affiliate categories will benefit, as well as enable it to sustain and thrive more so. I thank you for your visit and support!



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