LORD TOPH TALKS” is a series of episodes which give viewers a bit more insight on Lord Toph. As a creator, I have always been expressive, yet now I am finally becoming a bit more candid about what it means to be an artist, author, composer, designer, performer and producer. I would also like to share with you my perspective on other topics of interest like life, love, dreams, culture, passion and so much more! I’ll even share with you a few nuggets about my personal life (believe it or not).

So, be sure to look for a variety of episodes of “LORD TOPH TALKS,” as they will be posted frequently (if not weekly). And please, Like, Share and if you haven’t already, Subscribe to the channel! I appreciate you stopping by and appreciate your support!

Interested in doing a talk with me? Then, be sure to read below the video thread!

Attention Creatives, Influencers & Talents!

“I’m always interested in connecting & collaborating with other exceptional individuals. And I want to begin using ‘Lord Toph Talks’ as a platform for doing just that. I know you’ve got your own thing going on and that’s quite cool. But wouldn’t it be even cooler to share it with people outside your usual circle?

‘But I’ve already got thousands of followers and you’ve only got…’

Look — if you’re thinking like that, then you really wouldn’t be a good fit or worth talking to or listening to anyway.

Whether you have millions of fans & followers, or whether you tend to fly a bit below the radar (like me), doesn’t matter at all. As long as you’ve got a fascinating ‘something’ to talk about, I’d be intrigued to do a talk with you! Although I am not posting videos every other day or every week, for that matter, I continue to put out rich content that interests a unique audience of positive individuals.

So, if you feel we could jibe, let’s arrange to do a talk! Contact me below and I look forward to talking with you soon!”