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Bravo! You did it! You’ve come to the right page. So obviously you’re here to do a wee bit more than peruse, which is a good thing. In fact, it’s a great thing! Whether you’re shopping for a new Lord Toph eBook, album or something even more exclusive, like an original work of art, you’re guaranteed to get originality as well as enjoyment with what you buy. Also, keep in mind that everything you purchase here, contributes to the unique, ongoing journey of a one of a kind creative mind!

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An original work of art, by Lord Toph… Yes, you need one one your wall! Something that speaks volumes about you and the atmosphere in which you dwell, is exactly what you’ve been wanting. It shouldn’t be just a pretty painting with pleasing colors. There are plenty of random artists one could find on Instagram or Pinterest, to give you that. Choosing a piece by Lord Toph, signifies that you’ve got discerning and discriminating taste, that knows what it means to invest, acquire and appreciate original, quality work. And along with you admiring and appreciating your new piece, your newly owned Lord Toph will appreciate in value as well! So, whether you are working with a modest budget or are really ready to splurge on the artwork of your dreams, you should be pleased to know that you will find it here ~ Unquestionably.

“An artful mind contributes to the pulse, heartbeat, & soul of society.”


Commission works available in a convenient 3 – installment payment plan

A stamped certificate of authenticity & value is presented with all original works

To view more works, visit lordtophart.com

Prints and merchandise, available at Fine Art America


Whether you are in the mood for a bit of romantic verse, something suspenseful or a thriller, filled with action and mystery… In the books category below, there are wonderful titles to choose from. And rest assured, there are more books to come!


“I want to get to know you through my music…. And if you feel you already know who I am, then you just might be mistaken; especially if you have never listened to my music. I have spent all of my life believing, dancing, dreaming, lusting, reeling, swimming, and completely being within the realm of music. Music for me, expands beyond the boundaries of conventional, normal and sedentary. Hear me and listen to the melodies of my soul then, download a piece of my spirit below.”


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