Specialized Fine Art Services

Ideal for interior designers, decorators architects and even the art enthusiast! Premium fine art advising with services which include, art selection, frame selection, color scheme consulting & proper art placement. Commission work available also!

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With years and years of experience as a professional visual artist, performer & producer, I am finally offering exclusive one on one coaching and mentoring to individuals outside the roster of artists that I have developed for Monté CrisToph Music. There is much to be gained from one who has been there and most likely, done it. Although it is widely known, that experience is the best teacher, it is smartly known to garner as much knowledge as you can from one who has already made those mistakes you definitely want to avoid.

Below is a short list of unique services I offer to those who aspire to improve upon their personal and creative growth.

Enhancing the growth of gifted and talented individuals dealing with various setbacks. Developing with them a step-by-step strategy which will enable them to optimize their time, creative concepts, flow & artistic journey.

Developing confidence, performance presence and personal branding for entertainers. In the entertainment world, image is everything, and presence is absolute. You’ll need more than social media to define you and a whole lot more than just talent to break through. Get in touch!

A warm, audible invitation is what your customers need!

Need a distinctive voice to promote your event, products or services? A warm, welcoming voice, is exactly what will attract potential customers to your offer and subliminally convince them to become your return customers also. Existing customers will feel more assured of your services as well! Lord Toph Voice Services provides a certain rich, resonance which will audibly connect with your visitors to enhance the process of converting them into lasting customers, in a very inviting way.

Discreet and personable coaching sessions designed exclusively for men who lack confidence in communicating with women and aim to better their appeal. Molding, mending and refining men’s overall approach, communication, outlook and presentation to enable them to attract their ideal woman.

Offering a 5% to 10% referral fee on all referred individuals who become clients


“As an artist, I spoke and thought highly of my music/myself. It was perfect (to me). But when I met Lord Toph, I was enlightened in a great way. With him being very creative, artistic and a musician, this allows him to move in a way that is beneficial to the circumstance or project at hand. So, working with him, I instantly became eager to learn. He is always very informative and to the point. I think what I enjoy most, is if I have a particular idea in mind, he’s always willing to listen, to try it and to see if it works or if it doesn’t. He strives for excellence and is very patient which creates a wonderful atmosphere for a talent to thrive learn and become great.”

Ebony Anne Isaac, Singer/Songwriter

“Meeting Lord Toph ‘by chance’ in a Soho Starbucks in NYC, back in 2013, we kept contact over the years. We learned about and admire his all-round talent as an artist, painter, musician, poet… Seven years later a carefully packaged bundle arrived here in Germany and since then we are proud to have two original art pieces; purchased, of course. ‘Horse Race’ and ‘The Conversation’ are now in our living and dining room, giving shining colour and beauty back to us proud observers.”

Matthias & Daniela Gukelberger/Collectors, Stuttgart, Germany

“In a time of short lived careers and daily new trends within the entertainment industry, the art of artist development feels like a faint memory of a time long gone. But not everyone follows trends and some rare individuals are better suited in setting them. One such individual is Lord Toph, who for decades now, has been relentless in his pursuit of creative freedom and expression.

His true passion and love for the arts, is what motivates him and his fine touch in identifying fresh, new talent. This is what sets him apart from the pack in this modern era. He is a creative director that walks the talk and new talent greatly benefits from his wealth of knowledge of the various aspects of the music industry. Here, at Monté CrisToph they can get skilled in the areas of songwriting, singing, production, live performance and even the business side of the things.

For anyone who is serious about becoming a true artist, rather than being the flavour of the day, Monté CrisToph is the place to be and Lord Toph, is the mentor you need. Here you will receive the support that can help you to develop a lasting career in an industry, that often lacks the patience and understanding of what an artist truly needs.”

Damen Samuel, Singer/Songwriter –

“Lord Toph is a dying breed in the music industry. Gone are the days of deep, soul-felt music. Lord Toph provides a break from monotony, that is today’s new age music. His creative genius and soothing voice make his music truly enjoyable. If you are looking for creative beats mixed with a soothing sound, I strongly recommend giving his music a listen!”

 Kenny Jordan, Director of Brand Engagement/New Cast Media Group

“I and my company, have had such a great experience working with Lord Toph for the last 5 months. As an agency and consulting firm for his literature and art in Asia market initial entry approach, I was privileged to enjoy his new books and his art. His writing often made me fall into the story and gave me a tough time getting out of it. I will be always an enthusiastic fan of his art, literature, music and himself.

Lord Toph is not only a talented artist, but also has such a great heart with a polite and delightful manner. It was such a great time working with him since we worked hard, but also have shared the moment of joy to build something together in business.

As a businessman, as a friend, as a fan, I do wish people and the world could know and enjoy his great work as soon as possible!”

-CEO of Business Consulting firm in Korea “AOG Co., LTD. Joon Choi

“Lord Toph is a creative and developmental force and engine. There is no off switch for the amount of content Lord Toph develops. He has also worked on and developed a multitude of artists and projects throughout the years, including various projects we’ve worked on together. I encourage any artist seeking direction with their development to allow Lord Toph to work with you and set you on the path to becoming the better version of yourself that you seek.”

Ro The Reaper, Musician/Songwriter