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Lord Toph Talks with Music Artist, Damen Samuel

With years of artistry combined with a terrific friendship, Damen Samuel and Lord Toph are still going strong with creative projects and have much in the works to release collaboratively.

In this episode of “Lord Toph Talks,” the two artists talk about everything from how they first met and started working together, to music legends, what-ifs and even the state of the world today.

As a special treat… Damen even plays a couple of his original songs, so you’ll find this episode, quite entertaining! So, check it out!

And be sure to subscribe to the Damen Samuel channel, here on YouTube and visit him at!

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“Heaven, Tea & Sweet Potato Pie” ~ A Short Story
by Lord Toph

Heaven, tea and sweet potato pie – of the three, you have most likely had tea and sweet potato pie. But, can you imagine it, the three of them all together and experiencing this with a loved one?

 As most dreams seem to occur with no definitive beginning, this story does also. It begins from a point of view of somewhat, ‘picking up where we left off’ with the reader as though a conversation previously discussed was being continued. With this approach, it invites the reader to take on a perspective of familiarity, perhaps even a certain kinship with the author as the story unfolds.

Heaven, Tea & Sweet Potato Pie” is a short story by author, Lord Toph which is a delightfully enthralling single-sitting read. It pleasantly details the promise which was mutually established between him and his beloved aunt.

 From years of hearing his aunt talk about “going on to glory,” “waiting for the good Lord to call her home” and “being ready when the heavenly father called her,” an imaginatively positive outlook on the matter had to be created. “Since getting to Heaven was her main objective in her later years, I made her promise that she would at least have tea and sweet potato pie with me if and when I got there,” Lord Toph recalls. “From then on, whenever she brought up the subject about her passing on, it was less gloomy to listen to, particularly because we had our tea and pie date to talk about instead.”

 And from this fantastical ideal, a story was conceived. From an outer-body journey, the protagonist (Lord Toph) is able to venture up into the celestial realm to visit and keep his promise with his dear Aunt Minnie. Yet during his brief visit, he encounters unexpected surprises and witnesses an unbelievably wonderful new world of goodness, hope and happiness.

 “Heaven, Tea & Sweet Potato Pie” is an inspirational story, perfect to share with family and friends. It is a Monté CrisToph Literature publication and it is available here. Be sure to look for it and other books by Lord Toph on AmazonApple Books and with other various book distributors.

Know What to Say Before You Approach Her.
Photo by Dharma Saputra

The beauty of being in a bookstore/coffee shop is the relaxing atmosphere, the music and that terrific chance of seeing and possibly meeting the ideal girl.

She already knows whether or not she is willing to entertain what you have to say before you even approach her sitting solo at her table. But, have you even thought about what you are going to say before you go over?

Or did you just get all caught up in her appearance alone? 9 out of 10 men would!

Don’t be the victim of your own flaccid demise. Know WHAT to say – know HOW to react to what she says or does in return and know WHEN your motive is being received.

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The Girl Next Door… Don’t Get Friend-Zoned!!!


After all this time, why has it been so difficult for you to just let her know what’s on your mind? You’ve been living across the hall from her ever since you moved into the place. She was the first guest to arrive at your housewarming party, she says “hi” with a warm smile every time you see her, remembered your birthday and as far as horoscope predictions go, hers is even your most compatible zodiac sign.

Photo by Amir Taheri

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