“The visionary… The creator of dreams, envisions, imagines, and conceives, so others may aspire and learn to believe.”

LORD TOPH is the Founder & CEO of Monté CrisToph Multimedia, StarField Stories (a children’s literature publishing company), Lord Toph Art and Riggo Monti (Apparel & Accessories). 

He has integrated art music and literature to serve within a fully functional production and publishing entity to cater works and services to an expansive and diversified market.

Through each aspect and sub entity of Monté CrisToph Multimedia, LORD TOPH has painstakingly planned and developed a creative and multifaceted entity in order to appeal to a vast industry.  

Aside from his extensive body of work in art, music and literature, he has consistently broadened the product spectrum in each branch of his company.

<strong><span style="color:#0c79f4" class="has-inline-color">Art</span></strong>

LORD TOPH began painting and drawing at the age of three and continued throughout his formative years. He received his formal training in the visual arts at the Memphis Academy of Arts. There, he majored in painting and design and developed his skills as a painter and a design conceptualist.
He has had many exhibitions of his works prior to and succeeding his formal training as a visual artist (private showings, group shows, solo exhibitions, etc.).
He has sold several works and his work has been published in an assortment of magazines, news articles and periodicals.

<strong><span style="color:#f6081c" class="has-inline-color">Music</span></strong>

LORD TOPH has produced numerous songs for independent artists that have been part of the Monté CrisToph Music roster. he was first recognized by the American Music Academy and received Grammy candidacy as a producer and songwriter.
In 2012 & 2013, he was selected as a Grammy candidate along with select artists on the Monté CrisToph Music label and was recognized in several categories for achievements in songwriting, performance and collaboration.
Combining his music works published and unreleased, LORD TOPH’s music catalog well exceeds 750 hundred compositions.

<span style="color:#1ada0c" class="has-inline-color"><strong>Literature</strong></span>

LORD TOPH has written several books for mature readers as well as delightful picture books for children.
Although his literary works intended for mature readers are published through Monté CrisToph Literature,
his children’s books are published through StarField Stories, both of which, are his own publishing entities.
“Poetry for Yoonsil,” “Five Old Wives’ Tales,” “Reveries of Romance & Sentiment,” “Prose for the Unrequited,”
“Dillinger Comes to Dinner,” “The Bastard of Indulgence,” “Heaven Tea & Sweet Potato Pie,” “The Pauper & the Sylph,” “Chae Chaplin the Vampire”
and “The Fair & Willows,” are among the numerous titles published and unpublished in his literary archive.

For bookings (podcast, public events, radio, television, etc.) please refer to the services page.